Lucy Wainwright Roche & Lindsay Fuller w/ special guest Kaia Wilson
Clearly a member of music family royalty, Lucy Wainwright Roche released her first full-length album, titled, LUCY late last year. LUCY has proved to be well worth the wait. Special guest singers include pals Girlyman and the Indigo Girls as well as The Roches and Loudon Wainwright and Kelly Hogan. Backed by great musicians including: Steuart Smith (The Eagles) and David Mansfield, and produced by LWR and Stewart Lerman, the album features ten new original songs and a cover of a classic Paul Simon song, plus a surprising bonus track which features This American Life's Ira Glass.

Her tales of life as seen from the road are masterfully told. She moves in and out of stories and song, creating a unique tapestry, weaving the ordinary into the magical, and she brings us all along with her. You won't hear a false note from this shining star. She can simultaneously be heartbreaking in a good way -- and funny --Lucy's a masterful performer. She's a straight shooter, simple and direct, with loads of charm, but watch out, her hauntingly angelic voice and wickedly perceptive songs will get you every time.

"Sincere and raw at times recalling Joni Mitchell and Patti Griffin, Roche's bittersweet voice jumps out; she paints an indelible image." - NPR Song of the Day

"…her clear, steady voice feels like a beacon of sorts, slicing straight through the room." - New York Times

Lucy grew up in Greenwich Village, New York City, amidst a family of musicians. Her father is Loudon Wainwright, her mother is Suzzy Roche of The Roches. But she had other plans for herself. She always thought she'd be a teacher and she earned her Master's Degree in Education in 2007. She hit the road to sing back up with her brother, Rufus Wainwright on his 2007 tour. Since then she's recorded two critically acclaimed EPs "8 Songs" and "8 More" which have been wholeheartedly embraced by her fans. She's won hearts opening for Neko Case, The Indigo Girls, Rufus Wainwright, Girlyman, Amos Lee, Lucy Kaplansky, Dar Williams, Mary Gauthier, Loudon Wainwright, The Roches among others. She has also toured England, the US and Canada as her own headliner.


“I'll just bleed so the stars can have something dark to shine in”

- Frank Stanford

The above quote, taken from Frank Stanford's much forgotten epic poem, "The Battlefield Where the Moon Says I Love You," could well describe Lindsay Fuller's artistic mission. Raised in Birmingham, Alabama by an ex-NFL player and a painter, Lindsay makes her peace with the Christ-haunted South by writing songs about the one thing that makes us all equal and honest, death. However, don't be misled; the darkness in her songs is more about bringing things to light than bringing folks down.

Her latest record, You, Anniversary, which came out on ATO Records in spring of 2012, is the result of a woman who has spent the bulk of her life trying to tell a story well. The title track is based on W.S Merwin's poem, "For The Anniversary of My Death," in which the poet contemplates the fact that he passes the future day of his death each year unaware. Lindsay's song, a duet with Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls, heaves a beautiful portrait of someone awake to her own mortality yet frustrated with death's undermining of what she's built.

"I have passed you anniversary, without a wave or a smile

When we meet every year, I am flanked by denial

But I dream of you often, when my heart splits so wide

When the last of my sandcastles bow to the tide"

Lindsay recorded the album live at engineer Ryan Freeland's (Ray LaMontagne, Joe Henry) Los Angeles studio, Stampede Origin, over the course of 3 days with producer Paul Bryan (Amy Mann, Grant Lee Phillips). Bryan cast a rather special group of players to paint the mood for each song: Jay Bellerose on drums, Chris Bruce on electric guitar, Paul Bryan himself on bass and mellotron, and Jebin Bruni on keys. Lindsay plays a raw nerve of an acoustic guitar on every tune but one. Freeland recorded, mixed and mastered the record.

Her deep mournful vocal style, which has garnered comparisons to Patti Smith, Gillian Welch, and Nick Cave, sounds as though it comes from a place of necessity and nowhere else. The result is a rowdy yet affecting telling of stories involving all the things that make the beauty and violence of the human experience so damn curious.

Fuller sings, "Some folks can't help but build a bomb or leave a wake." Indeed.


Kaia Wilson has been making, touring, believing in MUSIC for 20 years. Her first band was full grunge feminist/queer, Adickdid, hailing from Eugene Oregon from 1991-1993, touring with Fugazi and Hole, releasing 1 full length record, "Dismantle." After Adickdid split, Wilson went on to form the seminal queercore band Team Dresch, who trail blazed a punk rock lesbian activism-forward path. Team Dresch appealed to a wide demographic of music fans for their ability to combine challenging & complex musical compositions with outspoken revolution invoking politics. The band released 2 full length records and toured US and Europe, often with Bikini Kill, carving an essential place in underground independent music history. Team Dresch still occasionally plays shows and tours to places like Brazil!

After Team Dresch Kaia formed the Butchies, who carried the queer politico flame while creating pop-punk anthems with some monster balladry song crafting too. The Butchies toured the US extensively playing shows with Sleater Kinney, the Gossip, Kimya Dawson and once, opened for Cheap Trick in Myrtle Beach SC. The band was together for 7 years and released 4 records and a handful of 7"/compilation releases.

Since 1993 Kaia has continuously been an active solo writer and performer, releasing 4 full length records in the in-between time of her band work. She has toured the US and some of Europe and is super interested in touring in New Zealand. Her solo work captures a restless tender spirit, is mostly acoustic and usually sparse, and her song 16 from her 1st s/t release, has been the highschool theme song for many a love-lorn outsider.

In 1996 Kaia and her partner of the time, Tammy Rae Carland, started a record label, Mr. Lady, and released records by Le Tigre, The Butchies, Kaia, Tami Hart, Electrelane, Tara Jane O'Neil and also distributed independent experimental video artists. The record label provided an opportunity and forum for queer/feminist/political musicians and video artists to align with similar ideologies forming a force of unified unflinching creative movers and shakers.

Kaia currently lives in Portland Oregon with her cat Mr. Sliver Wilson, and enjoys competitive Table Tennis (rating: 956), playing in her 70's cover band "Feelin' Alright" (with Jenny Hoyston of Erase Errata & Katy Davidson of Dear Nora), writing new songs for new records, river-jaunting with dogs, diving into the cold cold Pacific ocean and reveling in the majesty of all of nature and science.