Tyrone Wells in The Studios at SPACE
An intimate evening with Tyrone Wells in The Studios at SPACE.

Join Tyrone for a cozy evening with just 40 guests in the world class recording studio behind the venue at SPACE. Tyrone will play an acoustic set accompanied by Mark Chipello on percussion, tell stories, and do a meet & greet afterwards. Having just completed a nationwide tour in support of his 2012 release "Where We Meet", performing at large venues and festivals across the country, this is an amazing opportunity to get up close and personal with Tyrone Wells.

There's nothing quite like a fresh start.

Tyrone Wells' fourth full-length album, Where We Meet, ushers in a new beginning for the critically acclaimed singer-songwriter. Not only is it his first full-length release since leaving a major label, it signifies his next evolution. Embracing both sides of his sound, Wells seamlessly balances acoustic vulnerability and pop rock irresistibility over the course of eleven unforgettable anthems. Ultimately, Where We Meet is the perfect place for Wells to start anew while keeping the same ethic that has won him his loyal fan base from his early independent days.

The journey to Where We Meet actually began on the high seas in 2010. He was playing The Rock Boat, an annual floating festival that travels from Tampa, FL to Cozumel, Mexico. Out on the ship in the middle of the ocean, he had an epiphany. With two lauded major label releases under his belt